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Thanks to Nicola for letting me hi-jack her blog today!

I've been following a fair number of inspirational teachers through Twitter for a while and hopefully contributing along the way too. After the continuous disruption from the weather recently, I've been paying close attention to those posting about online lessons, lurking in the background, dying to do one of my own!

This morning, I got the call to say school would be closed today, so I thought it was now or perhaps never. I decided to use 'Coveritlive' following David Mitchell's ( success last week. I set up a simple account, had a practice and wrote a brief lesson plan with links and resources ready to upload.

My first problem was how to put the word out there. We don't have a parent messaging system, so I posted on our website (in the area announcing the snow closure) and emailed all the KS2 children. I also got in touch with all the teachers...more about this later. I have a fairly active VLE in Year 5, so it wasn't long before I had a few children emailing me, so I asked them to spread the word too.

1pm arrived and the lesson went live. Coveritlive, enables you to approve comments before they are posted, so you have to be quick - sometimes the conversation looks a little out of sync as you post your main bits and others are still commenting on what went before. However, I feel this all adds to the 'virtualness' of the lesson.

I used a simple image to inspire some sentence work, leading to a more polished opener. I also used a virtual jigsaw to get them hooked. If you get chance take look at the replay, please do, I'm really proud of some of the work and most children went off wanting to finish their stories.

My online lesson is here!

I had 11 'readers' on line and my TA, but that will not stop me trying out this type of activity as I have got so much out of it, as have the children.

Thanks to Dughall and Nicola for the collaborative learning between our two schools today also - I'm amazed at how a seed of an idea can grow into an oak tree of reality by lunchtime.

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